The Search for Selenium – Deficiency and Implications for Thyroid Issues

Selenium is a trace element you may not have given much thought to: however, it may be a key point in healing and dealing with hypothyroidism.

Selenium is used to convert T4 to T3 and also used for other essential thyroid functions. For those with hypothyroidism, it is easy to have a massive imbalance of too little selenium and too much iodine that can easily be fixed via a diet change or additional supplementation.

According to the National Institute of Health, seafoods and organ meats hold the most absorbable selenium, along with dairy, Brazil nuts,  and fortified grain products.

The NIH also admits that along with other stressors, having a shortage of selenium in the diet can bring about secondary autoimmune diseases and responses in the body.

A groundbreaking study from The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University Health Science Center noted that “The risk of thyroid disease was 69% higher for those living in the low-selenium county than for those in the adequate-selenium county. More than 30% of subjects in the low-selenium area had thyroid disease compared with 18% of those in the adequate-selenium area.” ( One may argue that the U.S. is not in this category, as the fortified grains and meats that we eat feed on selenium-rich soiled grasses and grow in fine dirt, however: the issue may stem from malabsorption in the diet, in which case a detox regimen is necessary, along with a possible digestive enzyme to allow the gastrointestinal tract to absorb more nutrition from what you eat.

If you are concerned about thyroid issues or a selenium deficiency, please contact your healthcare provider. This issue can be remedied once it is recognized and a course of treatment is sought.


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