italian-style meatballs // gluten-free, dairy free, low-histamine

These meatballs have become a staple in our home – especially on gluten free pasta night! Even if you have no diet restrictions, these are delicious and so easy to throw together after work.


1 lb. ground turkey (yields 8-9 big balls or 12-14 smaller balls) (easily doubled)

6 basil leaves or 1.5T dried basil

1t 21 Herb Salute Spice from Trader Joes (see reviews here)

1/2 C Cornflake Crumbs

1 Egg

1T Salt

1/2 T Pepper

Pinch of Thyme to taste

1/2T onion salt

3T Olive or Coconut Oil (for frying)


Combine wet and dry ingredients in two separate bowls. Gradually stirring, incorporate dry ingredients with the wet ingredients. Roll into balls of your size choice, small-to-medium recommended for thorough cooking and quicker cooking. Pan fry in a pan of oil as directed above for 10 minutes, allowing each side to brown and cook through. Midway through cooking, add a half a cup of water to the pan and place lid on the pan for thorough cooking.

Enjoy with your favorite pasta and sauce combination.

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