I don’t want an Instagram romance… (a letter to my husband)

My love, I think you know, by now, my fondness for pictures and colors. You know, the ones I beg you to take as you wrinkle your nose and make a face only your mother could love (and you encourage our son to do the same)… And, if I’m honest with myself, I love makingContinue reading “I don’t want an Instagram romance… (a letter to my husband)”

Thank You for Buttoning the Snaps

To my wonderful, busy, exhausted husband. I lovd you. I’m proud of you. I know we’ve tried and waited so long to finally get to this point, where we get to see our sweet baby’s face out of all the trials and doctors who said it wouldn’t likely happen. I know just how exhausted youContinue reading “Thank You for Buttoning the Snaps”

I’m not in love with my husband…

I’m not in love with my husband. And I’ll tell you when I knew. Baby C had a problem this morning and we had to promptly rush him to the emergency room. During this time it was very stressful, as he couldn’t stop vomiting and screaming but was hungry at the same time. Conflicting forContinue reading “I’m not in love with my husband…”