when you’re the triangle peg in a world full of square holes

Lately, I’ve been feeling lonely! I’ll just come out and say it. It’s no secret that I’ve been having the hardest time in my 8 years of chronic illness, ever. Everything is coming to a head and it is overwhelming and all I have to hold on to is the firm hope that this is me leaningContinue reading “when you’re the triangle peg in a world full of square holes”

the chemical breakdown – a look at histamine intolerance in the body

All too often we begin to feel the effects of our diet, usually attributing it to other issues. Joint pain? Working too hard. Thyroid issues? Faulty thyroid, can’t fix it… Stomach pains and gastritis? Stress or just an ‘off’ day. Exhaustion? The American dream… Accoreding to http://www.cureresearch.com, “the prevalence rate for people (struggling) with gastritisContinue reading “the chemical breakdown – a look at histamine intolerance in the body”

Enough is enough

I found myself perched on my favorite corner of the couch, going over my to-do lists in one of the rare times that baby C had fallen into a deep sleep. I saw the miles of numbered items, just sitting there waiting to be crossed off. My eyes shut and my mind drifted to howContinue reading “Enough is enough”

To the mama on bedrest…

Pregnancy is the absolute greatest blessing. You get the privilege of raising and creating a smaller version of yourself, along with the drastic responsibility of making sure you do your job well, as you have been called. However, pregnancy comes with its own sets of complications. Physical and mental. I struggled with issues that hadContinue reading “To the mama on bedrest…”