Menu Plans

Welcome to the menu area!

Along with writing, my other passions include holistic health and healing by nutrition. As an Integrative Health major, and someone who has been sick a great deal of her life, I appreciate the healing benefits that foods can bring around traditional methods of treatment. Although the treatment is necessary, the side effects can range from uncomfortable to debilitating! Food was my way of fighting for my life back.

On the path to the present, I would create my own recipes and treats for myself using dietary-restriction-friendly workarounds that still allowed me to enjoy delicious foods. I want to bring that to you – whether your goal is to lose weight, adhere to a new diet plan from your medical practitioner, or simply just want to change it up a little from the normal meals in your busy life!

My plans start at $10.00 for two weeks of menus. This includes breakfast and lunch suggestions (we use the leftovers here!) dinner recipes for an easy, hot meal, and shopping lists for everything you’ll need to make it happen. That’s $20.00 a month for fresh new ideas and a map – from store, to kitchen!

These have all been tested and approved by my (very picky) husband, and family. Please use the contact form if you are interested in purchasing this service from me! It’s on a month to month basis, so you get to choose the frequency dependent upon each month.

Thanks for stopping by!