I Can’t Breathe – Looking into the Alpha-Gal connection between red meat and Lyme Disease

I know when I was in my youth, I struggled heavily with lactose intolerance. I would still push the limits here and there (peppermint ice cream was a MUST at Christmas!) but I could just take an enzyme pill and move about my day. You can only imagine my shock when I was at In-n-OutContinue reading “I Can’t Breathe – Looking into the Alpha-Gal connection between red meat and Lyme Disease”

The Search for Selenium – Deficiency and Implications for Thyroid Issues

Selenium is a trace element you may not have given much thought to: however, it may be a key point in healing and dealing with hypothyroidism. Selenium is used to convert T4 to T3 and also used for other essential thyroid functions. For those with hypothyroidism, it is easy to have a massive imbalance ofContinue reading “The Search for Selenium – Deficiency and Implications for Thyroid Issues”

The Restless Anxiety of Chronic Lyme Disease

The familiar rush of anxiety, pain, and nausea pushes its way through my body, starting from my ankles and pushing up through my brain. The tightness in my chest follows, along with the shakes and immediate depression. Why do I feel so afraid? I’ve felt this for years now every single day.  Even if youContinue reading “The Restless Anxiety of Chronic Lyme Disease”

Thyroid Disease – Does Diet Matter?

For those of us who struggle with hypo & hyperthyroidism we understand how hard the daily battle is. You have absolutely, less than none energy. As in: -3827%. However, the day’s tasks must be done. We have jobs to do and families to care for. We have bills to pay and bosses to please. SoContinue reading “Thyroid Disease – Does Diet Matter?”

Lyme Disease: ‘Tick’ed off at the CDC

Lyme Disease – the great pretender – is more prevalent than most are aware of. Commonly misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia, Lyme lurks in the blood and spirochetes penetrate and reproduce in all of the body’s organs and tissues. With a disease this nasty, why is it being ignored? Before I continue with thisContinue reading “Lyme Disease: ‘Tick’ed off at the CDC”