italian-style meatballs // gluten-free, dairy free, low-histamine

These meatballs have become a staple in our home – especially on gluten free pasta night! Even if you have no diet restrictions, these are delicious and so easy to throw together after work. INGREDIENTS 1 lb. ground turkey (yields 8-9 big balls or 12-14 smaller balls) (easily doubled) 6 basil leaves or 1.5T driedContinue reading “italian-style meatballs // gluten-free, dairy free, low-histamine”

Potato, onion, & leek soup (GF/DF)

Are you ready for the absolute best potato and leek soup you’ve ever had?  This recipe is great for cold-busting for the upcoming cold and flu season and just overall tastes DELICIOUS! This is gluten free and dairy free, and for the most part is anti-inflammatory unless you have an oxalate issue (where the breakdown occurs inefficiently)…this recipeContinue reading “Potato, onion, & leek soup (GF/DF)”

Mycoplasma – the stealthy culprit

If you mention mycoplasma in any doctor’s office, you’ll likely get the same response – “Everyone has mycoplasma. It’s not a big deal. It couldn’t have anything to do with your case.” If you hear this, run far and fast. Especially if you’ve been fighting chronic illness for years, it’s like you’re throwing open the door andContinue reading “Mycoplasma – the stealthy culprit”

anti-inflammatory dinners: one-pot wonder meat, rice, and veggies

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Low-Histamine, Anti-Inflammatory, Gut-Healing.  Ingredients:  2 yellow squashes (chopped) 2T extra-virgin organic olive oil 1 LB ground turkey 2 C rice 4 C low sodium or unsalted chicken broth ** (Can also use bone broth). 2 eggs (optional, I don’t have a histamine issue with eggs but some people do) 1/2 medium sweet onionContinue reading “anti-inflammatory dinners: one-pot wonder meat, rice, and veggies”

the chemical breakdown – a look at histamine intolerance in the body

All too often we begin to feel the effects of our diet, usually attributing it to other issues. Joint pain? Working too hard. Thyroid issues? Faulty thyroid, can’t fix it… Stomach pains and gastritis? Stress or just an ‘off’ day. Exhaustion? The American dream… Accoreding to, “the prevalence rate for people (struggling) with gastritisContinue reading “the chemical breakdown – a look at histamine intolerance in the body”