Morning Routines – Tackling that Massive To-Do List & Getting a Great Start

Being stressed and overwhelmed is a hallmark of pride in our culture. Being pushed to the edge and constantly busy signifies importance and success. As mothers, students, employees, and family members, this is all normal and we must keep up in our life’s rhythms. How can we tackle that mountainous to-do list? Better yet, howContinue reading “Morning Routines – Tackling that Massive To-Do List & Getting a Great Start”

it’s not that bad

Hello! Over these past few months I have been taking a break from blogging and posting for several different reasons – not the least of which is being insanely busy and trying to juggle the new normal of school, working, and a baby. Besides the obvious, I’ve been purposeful about stepping down from the writingContinue reading “it’s not that bad”

Potato, onion, & leek soup (GF/DF)

Are you ready for the absolute best potato and leek soup you’ve ever had?  This recipe is great for cold-busting for the upcoming cold and flu season and just overall tastes DELICIOUS! This is gluten free and dairy free, and for the most part is anti-inflammatory unless you have an oxalate issue (where the breakdown occurs inefficiently)…this recipeContinue reading “Potato, onion, & leek soup (GF/DF)”